Convert a long Real Audio file into a CD that can play in your car

1.  Convert .ram to .mp3 using Streambox Ripper.
2. Open Streambox Ripper and drag the file you want to convert into it.
3. Click on Convert.
4. Choose where you want your file to be converted. Select MPEG. Select the bitrate of at least 128 kBps. Click OK.
5.  When your file has finished converting, the mp3 needs to be split into smaller more manageable sizes.
6.  Open MP3Splitter.
7.  Select the source and output file by clicking open and set.
8.  Choose how often you want the file to be broken.  I chose to have it break every 7 minutes.
9.  Click create.
10.  Take all the broken files and open them in WinAmp.
11.  Convert the mp3s to wavs.
12.  Burn to a CD.