Convert copy-protected .wma files to .mp3
Stealing music is bad.  There are not many choices for getting music legally.  In past years buying a CD from a store or online was your only choice.  Thanks to Apple Music and sites like, you can purchase songs individually.  We don't always like every song on a CD when we buy it.  This will save us money while still keeping the record companies in business.
I feel that if you buy a song or CD you can do anything you want with it.  It's logical that if I bought ten CDs, I should be able to rip songs off them and make my own mix of just my favorites.  I disagree with sharing them on peer-to-peer networks with the rest of the world.  This will make artists lose money.
This tutorial will show you how to convert copy-protected .wma files into .mp3 files.  It's basically for people who buy music from and want to convert it to a .mp3 file so they can play in one their mp3 player.  It works best if you have a mp3 player that plays mp3s off CDs.  I haven't found a converter that will do it directly.

1.  Open Windows Media Player (WMP).
2.  Click Copy to CD or Device on the left hand side.
3.  Drag the songs into WMP.
4.  Click copy.  Make sure there's a blank CD in your burner.
5.  Click Burn.
After it has finished burning, leave the CD in the drive.
6.  Open CDex 1.5.
7.  Fill in important information like artist, album title, and song title.
8.  Highlight the songs you want to convert and click the convert button.
9.  Now you have a mp3!