Spontaneous Processes and Entropy

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    When a process is spontaneous it occurs without wotside intervetnion.  People may think that spontaneous means that the reaction is really fast.  That is wrong. The reaction can be fast or slow. When something is spotaneous means the reaction start immediately.  Thermodynamics can tell the the direction of the process that occurs but not the speed of the process.  Thermodynamics says that diamonds are spontaneously changing to graphite.  It isn't seen because the process is really slow.  When a spontaneous process has an increase in property then it is called entropy.  Entropy is actually the measure of randomness or disorder.  It is important to know that the universe is always increasing in entropy. 

For example:

When your room is messy, there is increasing entropy.

When you make a snowball, there is less entropy.

A stacked up deck of cards have less entropy.

Throwing the deck of cards will create more entropy.

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